Medical Apocalypse: The Covid-19 Pandemic Through the Lense of an American Beginning



Poster Number: Virtual


Chaeeun Lee, Undergraduate, George Mason University, Caroline Hilbert, Undergraduate, George Mason University

In our project we chose a ‘what-if’ situation, where we hypothesized how the COVID 19 pandemic would have been different if it had started in the United States, instead of China. In our research, we took information from how the US government responded to information about an unknown virus coming out of Wuhan, China, in real time. Needless to say, there was no real action taken until there was a full blown virus outbreak. Given the real response of the US government at the time, how would things have been different if this virus originated in the US? Well, we researched the Trump administration’s reaction to the initial warning of the virus and used that information to determine how we believe the US and the international theater would have responded. Needless to say, we think things would have been more apocalyptic. We predict that if the virus had started in the US, there would have been even more mayhem across the world. The fast and extreme reaction is one that we hypothesize would not be possible in the US for various reasons. The culture of American people, the idea that we are all free under any circumstances, and a general lack of trust for the government. From the trends we saw during the real beginning of the pandemic, we predict that many countries would have quarantined their borders and stopped flights from the US and other countries unless absolutely necessary. Additionally, we believe that it is an economic and social apocalypse since it will intensify global financial instability and social anxiety which will cause national and world-wide impact over centuries. Regardless of the expected consequences, the U.S. was part of the leading vaccine maker for the COVID 19 which shows that they will come up with a back-up plan in terms of ending the era of covid for U.S. citizens and people all over the world. However, additionally diplomatic issues will be created in a process of giving out the vaccine since it would become a valuable national tool to negotiate with future hegemon countries. COVID 19 could have gone serious but it did seem like having an ending in the end of 2022. It is important that we consider it as a global apocalypse and emergency that would require the sacrifice of millions of people to overcome and to be put back to a normal society.