Therapeutic restoration of muscle regeneration in Duchenne


Pre-Clinical Research

Poster Number: S46


Phil Lambert, PhD, Satellos Bioscience

Satellos is a biotechnology company founded on game changing science in skeletal muscle regeneration. We have discovered that muscle stem cells in Duchenne are unable to adequately repair existing, and generate new, muscle fibers throughout life. We believe this is an even more significant factor in the progressive muscle damage experienced by people living with Duchenne than the absence of the dystrophin protein in existing muscle fibers. This is because dystrophin has an earlier role to play in creating muscle progenitor cells which ultimately repair and regenerate muscle fibers. Satellos has incorporated this breakthrough research into a proprietary discovery platform, called MyoReGenXTM, in order to build a pipeline of druggable targets that are capable of restoring the regeneration process in Duchenne muscle. The Company’s lead program is an oral, small molecule drug candidate in development as a disease-modifying treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Our latest preclinical data is presented in this poster.